Consistency wins speedweek

With a total prize pool of close to $10,000 over the 5 meetings it was always going to be hotly contested.

Klinton Hancey started of the charge with a win in the Queensland Title at Maryborough Speedway and leading the points in to night 3 at Archerfield Speedway

Q12 Klinton Hancey 697

N63 William Butler 665

Q24 Kyle Honour 660

S18 Danny Prade 644

Q25 Terry Leerentveld 631

Unfortunatly for Klinton having 2 DNF's, Will and Kyle also having a DNF and Danny Prade not contesting 2 races gave Terry the lead going into night 4 at Archerfield Speedway

Q25 Terry Leerentveld 969

Q24 Kyle Honour 926

N63 William Butler 917

Q64 Nathan Politch 914

Q12 Klinton Hancey 906

Wins by Kyle, Klinton ,Will and Sam Gollschewsky were still not enough to knock Terry from the top spot heading into the final night at Lismore Speedway.

Q25 Terry Leerentveld 1291

Q24 Kyle Honour 1250

Q12 Klinton Hancey 1244

N63 William Butler 1234

Q74 Sam Gollschewsky 1223

It was Terry Leerentveld that came out on top with a very consistent drive over the 5 meetings.

Terry had only 2 wins over the 15 races but had 11 top 4 positions securing him top spot to take home a new Edge Australia Chassis.

Q25 Terry Leerentveld 1615

Q12 Klinton Hancey 1593

N63 William Butler 1567

Q24 Kyle Honour 1540

Q64 Nathan Politch 1524

With 29 competitors hitting the track over the 5 nights it was an outstanding effort thanks goes to Edge Chassis Australia for getting behind such a great series

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